The Filipino Voice in the Face of Disasters

eBayanihan changes the way we respond to disasters by letting our voices be heard by the ones who can truly help. The eBayanihan system serves as framework for posting, processing, modeling, analyzing, visualizing and curating information related to disaster.

eBayanihan empowers every citizen towards a more resilient community.

Citizen Reports (CitReport)

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eBayanihan is a mobile and web based participatory disaster management system that allows citizens to participate in contributing and receiving disaster related information as part of disaster preparedness and mitigation.

eBayanihan crowdsources information providing actionable response to make communities resilient to disaster.



eHanda is where communities and groups can provide community information that needs to be tracked during disaster.



eBayanihan allows POSTing of citizen reports, shelter reports and flash reports for initial damage and needs assessment, CONNECT to friends and relevant social media sites, REQUEST for skills, resources and volunteers, and VISUALIZE layers of information on a map.



eUlat provides viewable and printed reports on initial assessment, summaries on citizen report and shelter summary, and updated community profile.

awarded Most Technology Inclusive in the 2014 Readysaster: Hack for Resilience Competition

Supported Platforms

Platform mobile


The eBayanihan Mobile application allows users quick access to reporting (Citizen Reports and eUlat) and visualization (Maps) modules of the System.

Platform sms


The eBayanihan SMS Service allows users to submit their Citizen Reports (CitReports) using even the simplest GSM phones. An APK is also available for those using Smartphones through which CitReports are also sent to eBayanihan via SMS.

Platform web


Housed at ebayanihan.ateneo.edu, the eBayanihan Web App contains all reporting (Citizen Reports, eHanda, eUlat, and SHEREPO) and visualization (Map, Socials) modules.



Citizen Reports (CitReport)

Similar to the eBayanihan APK, CitReports can be posted by users following the form provided. Draggable markers are available for users to pin on the map to make visual mapping of their reports more precise. Submitted reports are immediately posted on the Timeline for viewing and response.



The Timeline lists reports posted by eBayanihan users. This is also where other users can post comments to provide support, validation or any other form of response to the report received.



The Map allows users to filter and view reports on the map. Filters include keywords, urgency, date range, and other layers of information (e.g., hazard maps, Tweets from the social media, evacuation shelter profiles, etc.).



The Socials page allows users to follow hashtags and trending topics relevant to disaster reporting (e.g., #walangpasok, #typhoonruby, etc.).



The eHanda page allows users to create and view community resiliency profiles for use in disaster response planning and preparation. The eHanda form uses standard checklists following the Community-Based Monitoring System form of NAPC and the Disaster Preparedness Audit checklist of DILG's Operation Listo.



Similar to the Office of Civil Defense's (OCD) Situation Report, eUlat allows users to post after-event situation reports detailing relevant information for disaster response, recovery and rehabilitation.



Created in partnership with University of Kochi Graduate School of Health and Nursing Sciences, SHEREPO stands for "Shelter Report."

This page collects evacuation shelter reports, creating profiles that help determine disaster preparedness and post-disaster needs in these evacuation shelters. The information collected are categorized following the seven factors for Human Security, as prescribed by the United Nations International Strategy for Disaster Reduction (UNIDSR).


SMS Reporting

Users can register and send their reports to eBayanihan through the SMS Service using their mobile phones. SMS can be sent to 29290911 for users using any mobile phone service provider (Smart, Globe, Sun, Talk n'Text, TM, etc.). SMS Reporting can also be done using the eBayanihan APK for Smartphones.

only applies for SMS.


From as few as just five pilot sites, the number of LGU partners of eBayanihan quickly rose as the system continues to gain recognition through the social media (FB, Twitter, among others).

We have also held two major training and simulation workshops at the Ateneo de Manila University last January 23 and April 30, 2015, through which we were introduced to new partners who have experienced first-hand, through simulated scenarios where, how they can use eBayanihan for posting and generating reports on disaster incidents and response.

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If you want to be our official partner, please send us an email at: ebayanihan.sose@ateneo.edu

Emergency Hotlines

NDRRMCNational Disaster and Risk Reduction and Management Council Hotlines

Operations Center: (02)911-1406, (02)912-2665, (02)912-5668

PNPPhilippine National Police Hotlines

Hotline: 117
Text Hotline: send TXT PNP to 2920


Telephone: 16211

SCTEXSubic Clark Tarlac Expressway

Hotline: 0920-96-72839 / 0920-96-SCTEX

Fire Emergency

Hotline: 117

Maynilad Water Services

Hotline: 1626

Philippine Coast Guard

Telephone: 527-3877 / 527-8481
Cellphone: 0917-724-3682 / 0917-PCG-DOTC